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Breathe life into your media posts by adding motion graphics to your online content!

Our seasoned animators work alongside brands from around the world to transform your vision of your brand into animated graphics, bringing your brand to life. Motion Graphics can be used to explain complex concepts or transfer a large chunk of information very quickly. As such, motion graphics are very effective when it comes to marketing. 

Animated graphics have been around since before the advent of the internet, but like all forms of art, only someone with a deep understanding and a passion for it would be able to stand out. That’s where we come in. Our talented team will ensure that your brand remains a class apart from the competition and stays ahead of the curve every step of the way!

Who we are

SISPN Technology has been a leading provider of technical and marketing solutions to firms from around the world. With over ten years of industry experience, our teams remain some of the most dedicated, experienced, and downright talented individuals you will work with. 

Along with Motion Graphics, we also have teams dedicated to helping you through all aspects of a growing business, such as online marketing, logo and brand design, domain and hosting, and much more. Contact us now for any information or a free consultation!

What are Motion Graphics?

Motion Graphics refers to animated sequences of graphics or digital images that are usually used to add depth to a story or video, and usually consist heavily of text. It is a vast field that, arguably, falls under the umbrella term of animation. 

Motion Graphics have been heavily used in modern times as marketing devices, but have also found different niches throughout different visual media. Try thinking of a popular title sequence; it could be from a movie, series, ad, or even the title sequence for any digital device. There is a great chance that it can be classified as motion graphics.

Motion Graphics offers you a quick and efficient way to communicate a lot of information with someone effectively. It is a well-known fact that humans can process visual information a lot faster than they can process information via text. Even today, we see that visual media garners more attention from audiences, offers more information in less time, and is far easier to produce effectively.

When used creatively, motion graphics can help enhance your customer’s experience. Think of someone discovering your brand for the first time. With a few short videos, you could tell them all they need to know about your business.

Motion Graphics VS Animation

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics usually deal with shapes, colors, numbers, and letters in order to visualize abstract ideas or data. Think of infographics, for example. 

Motion Graphics are generally used to visually represent a lot of data effectively. It relies very little on characters or other elements of story-telling, and more on visual cues to represent data.

Motion Graphics are time- and cost-effective. For example, one person with very limited skills in visual arts could make very compelling motion graphics relatively easily.


Animation is an umbrella term that encompasses a wide range of different types of media, all of which can be characterized by a sequence of frames played in such a way as to give the impression of movement. There are a lot more different styles of animation than there are types of Motion Graphics. 

As opposed to Motion Graphics, animation usually involves a narrative of some sort. It has traditionally been used as a medium of story-telling, and even data has to be represented as a story in order to resonate with an audience. 

Good animation is relatively more time-consuming to produce than good animation.

Our other services

2D Animation

2D Animation offers you a unique way to communicate your brand identity and market yourself to new and existing audiences. Our team of animators offers you a chance to create compelling visuals for your business and take your branding to the next level!

Graphic Design

Sometimes you have a lot of information to deliver, but no way of doing it without making it lengthy. That is where static graphics come in handy. Alongside our team of seasoned artists, you can create Graphic Designs that truly represent your business.

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Carefully taking into consideration the mission, vision, and required tone of the brand, our artists get to work curating motion graphics in order to find the best one for you. Our Motion Graphics department works closely with all of our other content creators to form an all-encompassing visual experience that is bound to take your brand’s marketing to the next level and leave your customers in awe.

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How effective is Motion Graphics as opposed to other media of communication?

When compared to text and static images, motion graphics and videos rank consecutively higher in almost every way. People are highly more likely to pay attention to information that is being communicated through a video, as opposed to other media. Furthermore, people are highly likely to retain more information when it is presented visually, as opposed to via text or audio. All of these factors combined make Motion Graphics an indispensable tool for communication.

I have an online business, but I don’t know what Motion Graphics I want to use on it, if any. What’s the solution?

At SISPN, our professional website design team understands that your success is built on presenting yourself in the most positive and compelling digital format. We are experts in creating attractive, easy-to-navigate websites that capture the essential elements of your brand and boost online presence. Our website design cost varies depending on individual needs and requirements, but we strive to provide competitive prices for high quality results.

I am very particular about the kind of Motion Graphics I want to associate with my business. How can you help?

Professional web design services are a must for anyone looking to build a presence online. These services can help businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and individuals create polished and appealing websites that are also optimized for performance and user experience. Web design services can include payment processing integration and content management systems allowing customers to interact more easily with your website.

How long does it take to make Motion Graphics for a business?

Web design services are essential for creating a website that both looks good and works well. They provide expertise in custom website layouts, design, graphics, content development, user experience design, logo designs, animation, video integration and optimization to ensure your site is attractive to visitors and search engine algorithms.  each year.

How to choose the right web design Agency?

If you’re looking for a website design and development agency, be sure to research the team thoroughly. Take a look at their portfolio of past projects, check references and read reviews to get an idea and gauge the quality of their services. Furthermore, make sure there’s clear communication between you and the agency. SISPN provides its portfolio and team’s experience until you are convinced.

What are the steps to creating Motion Graphics for your business?

Yes, SISPN offers free quotes for the services.